SoftTeam is group of experienced professionals in field of electrical, mechanical and heating engineering, high tech software developing, computer modeling, 3D design and visualization, etc. We are combining up-to-date software technologies and latest achievement of computer and mathematical science to create the modern tool for particular engineering problems. Key benefit of our software products is hiding difficult scientific details behind comprehensible user friendly and customer oriented interfaces. Efficiency of our software is proven by the numerous transformer and reactor units working reliably all over the world that were designed both by us and our partners.
        Our methods and techniques are validated and accepted by the companies from such countries as Australia and Mexico, India and China, Malaysia and Taiwan, USA and South Korea, Russia and many others. Location at East Europe enables us to share experiences from all over the world. It would be pleasure for us to see you among our partners for the sake of success and prosperity.

Sincerely, SoftTeam
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