For a graph of the tabulated data, highlight the cell range for which wakes built schedule (2), and go to the Data tab, choose which type of graph (1), as shown in the figure below.

When you select a table cell range is obtained from the subtable rows and columns, where columns correspond to columns in the main table.

Charts can be the following:

A graph of (XY), where the first column in the sub-table form the values ​​along the axis X, and subsequent columns form the values ​​along the axis Y.

Graph (chart)
The graph used to show the development process over time.

Bar chart
The histogram is used to compare values ​​across categories.

Pie chart
The pie chart shows the contribution of each value in the total.
This type of chart is used if the value can be added together or there is only one data series, all of whose values ​​are positive.