Viewing window charts

         Viewing window charts is an independent window RDS, which can be minimized to the taskbar, Windows, and can also run any number of such windows with graphs constructed from various data and tables in the RDS. The following procedure describes the basic management tools graphics viewer.

1 - Mesh partitioning of the field to view the graph.
2 - Display points of the graph in the form of various characters.
3 - Change the background on which to build the graph (solid or gradient fills)
4 - Different types of scales on the axes.
5 - Advanced tools for controlling the display graphics (increase, decrease, put the chart in the preview window, etc.).
6 - Display the values ​​of the points chart when the mouse.
7 - Saving the graph as a picture.
8 - Adding a schedule as a source of data used to develop reports.

Schedule can be managed with the help of a computer mouse. The increase in parts of the graph as shown in the figure below.