Selecting geometrical objects

Selection of geometrical objects is done by selection tools which are represented in the figure 4. Selection of geometrical objects may be done by means of Geometry section in the Objects tree and by means of Selection mode. All the selected objects are marked with Select in the Object tree and listed in the Selected objects list. If one select objects that is already selected it becomes deselected. It is possible to select an object by clicking on it with left mouse button. To do so window must be in Selection mode (quick toggling between orbit and selection mode can be done by pressing middle mouse button (wheel)). If Lump or Face filter is on then it is possible to select a group of objects. To do so press left mouse button, hold it and mode the mouse. Red dashed frame will be displayed. Include necessary objects inside the frame and release the button. Even if some object is visually concealed by other objects it is selected (objects act kike transparent).



1 Selecting descendant

2 Select all

3 Deselect all

4 Inverse Selection

5 Select invisible

6 Edge filter

7 Face filter

8 Lump filter


Figure 4 Selection tools


Selection tools description


Selecting descendant with this mode on when selecting a lump all its faces will be selected as well (disregarding Lump and Face filters).

Select all selects all objects (regarding lump and face filters).

Deselect all deselects all objects (regarding lump and face filters).

Inverse selection toggle selection (regarding lump and face filters).

Select invisible selects invisible objects (regarding lump and face filters).

Face filter selection operation are done with edges only.

Face filter selection operation are done with faces only.

Lump filter selection operation are done with lumps only.