View and edit object parameters

Parameter editor


Parameter editor is intended to view and edit parameters of geometrical objects, material and boundary conditions properties and problem properties, and control result displaying tools. Parameter editor consists of two columns: Parameter and Value. In the Parameter column name of parameter is displayed. In the Value column value of parameter is displayed. If the value is displayed on a yellow background then this value is to be edited, otherwise this value is read only. In order to enter new value it is necessary to type new value then press Enter key or Up or Down arrow key or click no some on the field in Property editor. At this moment validation of the entered value will be performed. If the entered value is invalid the last correct value for this field will be displayed. Pressing on icon it is possible to choose values from a fixed set. Pressing on icon starts some process connected with the field.


If in the Object tree selected item is geometrical object then Parameter editor displays information of this object (if there is no records in the Selected objects list) or the information of the object(s) indicated in the Selected object list.

Depending on a type of selected objects, enabled filters and selected item in the object tree different fields are displayed in the Parameter editor.



Geometric object properties fields


General properties:

Name name of the object, sting that is displayed in the Object tree.

Visible defines whether the object is displayed, can be true or false. (Visibility can be toggled by clicking with right mouse button on the object in the Object tree and clicking on Toggle visibility popup menu item)

Color hexadecimal value that used as an object color while displaying. First two figures are red intensity, second green and third blue. When field is not active a rectangle colored in this color is displayed. When field is edited instead of this rectangle button is displayed. Pressing on this icon opens dialog box for selecting colors. If the value is 000000 then default color is grey, if material or boundary condition has color then object is colored with its color.

r Meshing parameter. After meshing in the lump the length of all edges of all tetrahedron will be less then this value. Zero means uncontrolled mesh building for this object.

g Meshing parameter. Maximal angle [degrees] between tangent vectors to curve in nodes of straight segments of curve approximation or between normal vectors to surface in triangle nodes of surface approximation