About us

Soft Team Group is a group of experienced professionals in electrical, mechanical, and thermal engineering,high-tech software development, computer modeling, 3D design, visualization, etc.We are combining up-to-date software technologies and the latest trands in computer andmathematical science in order to create modern tools for particular engineering problems.The key benefit of our software products is hiding complex scientific details behindcomprehensible user-friendly and customer-oriented interfaces.The efficiency of our software is proven by the numerous transformer and reactor units,working reliably all over the world, designed both by our partners and us.Our methods and techniques are validated and accepted by companies from such countries asAustralia and Argentina, India and China, Spain and the Czech Republic, the USA and South Korea,and many others. Being located in Ukraine enables us to share experiences from all over the world.It would be a pleasure for us to become your partner to reach your business goals together.