Design manual

Design Manual transfers the technology having been tested and proven by numerous transformer units and years of SoftTeamGroup practice.

There are 1000 pages of important tables, information, sketches, drawings, material types and properties in DM, which simplify the design process. 
We transfer the art-of-state technology of required transformer type and voltage range.

Design Manual includes :
  • The principals of different component design
  • Drawing samples, tables
  • Graphs
  • Material range

Developed design manual describes our internal standards and technologies for different transformer components. Due to the best knowledge we have, our company continuously upgrade the technology, documents and software. 

Now SoftTeamGroup has three kinds of DM:
  • Power transformers up to 220kV
  • Power transformers up to 500kV
  • HVDC transformers

The proposed documentation will be useful for updating existing production technologies as well as for newly created manufacturing facilities.
Transfer of DM includes training by our specialists.