This is a program of transformer winding heat calculation aimed to define the temperature and positions of the hottest coil of the winding and average temperature rise of the winding coils. The task performance is based on solution of 2D axisymmetric winding model by nonlinear FEM using ELMAG-2D module. Turn volume losses aredefined by electromagnetic field calculation module. Boundaryconditionsare determined by the Similarity Theory criteria equations with Grashoh, Reinolds, Prandtl and Nusselt numbers usage. Depending on type of cooling system and presence of oil guides software uses different theories, which the user may change or edit in the correspondent database. Distribution of coolant flow rates in windings ducts from TRANSMAG-HYDRAULIC module are used for more precise calculation of cooling conditions, otherwise average rates are calculated. Coolant temperature is transferred from TR-HEATING-C module of may be input manually. Program outputs graphical temperature profile of a winding being calculated and set of table information such as average temperature rise, average heat transfer factor,oil flow rate, gradient, hotspot temperature rise and number of the coil.