Design development

SoftTeamGroup has a great experience in transformer design and due to our customers needs different ordering options have been developed. We are capable to provide different transformers and shunt reactors design.

Voltage range and transformer types:

  • Transformers and Shunt reactor design up to 1200kV:
  • Step up transformers: up to 800 kV
  • Autotransformers: up to 500 kV
  • Phase shifting transformers: up to 220 kV
  • HVDC transformers: up to ±500 kV
  • Scott-connection transformers: up to 220kV

SoftTeamGroup can offer you several options of transformer design, choose any you need.

Concept/tender project includes:

  • electromagnetic calculation including impedance, losses longitudinal insulation, electro dynamic stability of winding, heat winding calculations;
  • outline and layout drawing.

 Technical project includes:

  • all types of electromagnetic, insulation, heat calculations and mechanical calculation of active part;
  • general view drawings of all main transformer components including windings, core, active part, insulation, leads, tank and cooling system.

Working project includes:

  • all calculations made for technical project and seismic stability calculation;
  • a set of all components drawings and transformer parts (up to 500 pieces) including  windings, core, active part, insulation, leads, tank and cooling system for: manufacturing technology of some transformer parts;
  • order and material list
  • requirements to manufacturing
  • instructions to assembly and manufacturing process.
  • Full design project includes working project and manufacturing supervision.