Design review

We can check the designs of core transformers and shunt reactors designed by your company. Design review will include next: answers on telephone calls and e-mails of a customer, full review of design of a customer.

 Full design review includes next: 
1. Calculation of an impedance (Zero impedance included);
2. Calculation of I2R, circulating and eddy losses in windings;
3. Calculation of impulse stresses and safety margins between all disks of all windings;
4. Turn insulation calculation;
5. Calculation of impulse stresses between neighbour windings;
6. Major insulation calculation: calculation of safety margins between neighbour windings, between windings and grounding parts of a transformer, between leads and grounding parts of a transformer, between bushing and grounding parts of a transformer;
7. Calculation of creepage stress along insulation details attached to windings;
8. Winding thermal calculation: calculation of winding gradients and temperature rises and location of hot spots;
9. Core loss calculation, core thermal calculation.
10. calculation of electrodynamic stability of all windings,
11. checking of a pressing construction of a transformer;
12. mechanical calculation of yokebeams and pressing rings;
13. mechanical calculation of a tank;
14. hydraulic calculation of a transformer and recommend the pipe arrangement;
15. cooling system calculation;
16. calculation of eddy losses in structural parts of a transformer, edge stacks and tank; thermal calculation of structural parts, edge stacks, tank due to eddy losses.
17. Checking of velocities in insulation to avoid oil charging.
18. Seismic calculation of tank, cooling system and conservator.