MECHGUIDE is a complete software and methodical package for mechanical calculations of transformers and reactors with ANSYS. It includes mechanical strength calculation of pressing ring and yoke beam, mechanical strength and stability of a tank, seismic stability of transformer or reactor. Software is a set of APDL macro commands for ANSYS (Mechanical 11 or later). Inside the ANSYS workspace MECHGUIDE adds its toolbar. Tool buttons help the user to perform the following functions step by step: input geometrical data parameters; building the geometrical model; FEM meshing and setting element properties, materials and boundary conditions; setting loading mode, calculation of loads and their application; output equivalent stresses and deformations. MECHGUIDE is intended to check mechanical strength of structure elements before this design is settled. Usage of shell elements gives possibility to change the geometry easily and calculate a number of different design variants in a short period of time. Manual to the software provides complete instruction of calculations performing, and methodology with theoretical principles, which are useful for both experienced and fresh users.